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Chapter 32: Figuring things out

Sometime after the wedding night Sonya found out that she was pregnant. How wonderful you would thought. But Sonya wasn’t happy. She was very worried. Her elder age was coming nearer and nearer and things with Solace hadn’t been easy since she aged up to a child. What if there was something wrong with this baby too? What if it was cursed too? They still know nothing about this curse. Only the way to cure it but not how Solace got it. What if she as her mother somehow caused it?

Sonya told about her worries to Thomas at breakfast table. He understood why Sonya was worried but assured her that there was no need to be. “There are plenty of women out there who have given birth safely in older age. Doctors will take good care of you. I love you and I’m so happy that we’ll have this chance to be parents together. Think about the good not the bad. If something bad happens we’ll get through it. Just like you solved Solace’s problem. You are the most caring mother the child could hope.” Thomas said and caressed Sonya’s cheek. “Thank you my love. I try not to worry. But it won’t be easy. I should tell Solace that she is going to be a big sister. I’m sure this is a kind of birthday present she doesn’t expect.”picture1Solace was surprised but happy about her mother’s news. She was also excited about becoming a young adult. She hoped that braking the curse would be easier then. Solace blew out the candles and wished for good luck with her “wordless man hunting”. When they all were eating the cake Sonya told about her present to Solace. “I and Thomas have bought you dance lessons from Balletschool victoriasofi. I hope you will enjoy them.” “Thank you both. Maybe those dance lessons will help me to find my future husband.” Solace said laughing.picture2Later that day Solace headed to the ballet school and met her teacher. The teacher gave her great technique tips and they made a dancing schedule to Solace. She started regular dance training. She practiced hard during her lessons and tried to get to know some men afterwards. Her practices went well but her man hunting didn’t. All the men just ignored her after finding out that communicating with her wasn’t easy. Same thing was with her yoga practice which she still continued. Nowadays she usually went to the Round Spa and relaxed in the hot tub after her training. It was obvious she wasn’t finding her soulmate in the ballet school or spa.picture3One night she decided to it was time to try her luck in the nightclub. She meditated for a long time before changing to her party outfit and heading to the bar. She took couple drinks before going to the dance-floor. Thanks for the dance lessons she knew exactly how to move her body. One guy was a little bit interested from her but not enough. When Solace tried to arrange a date with him he declined. Poor Solace! Finding a soulmate really wasn’t easy.picture4Solace was sure that answer for her communicating problems would be photographs. She had started photographing as a child and practiced it a lot during her teen years. She spent many nights studying new techniques from books. “One day I’ll succeed to settle a date. Maybe even tomorrow.” She assured herself every night before going to sleep. Thomas and Sonya on the other hand talked a lot about their unborn baby. Thomas assured to Sonya that everything was going fine so far and there was no need to worry. There have been much assuring in this family lately!picture5One day Solace’s hard work finally get paid. She was trying out a new café called “Fresh – Food Bar”. There she met a new friend and a bartender. She used her photographs from her phone for communication. Maybe it was because of bartender’s occupation but he really seemed to understand what Solace tried to tell him. After hanging in the café for couple of hours Solace encouraged her mind and asked the bartender out. And he said yes! Solace was so surprised and happy! She couldn’t believe it. Finally she had a date! She understood it didn’t mean anything yet but it was one step closer to finding her soulmate. She couldn’t wait to meet this guy again!picture6Before Solace’s big date was time for Thomas’ birthday. In the middle of the celebration Sonya started to feel labouring pains. She was going to birth at home. She didn’t trust anyone else to be with her child but her closest family. Can anyone blame her for that? I think she has every right to be suspicious! Anyway the labour went well and she gave birth a healthy son. They named him Tobias. The whole family was very happy about their newest member.picture7Unfortunately Sonya’s worries hadn’t been for nothing. She was playing with her son before going to bed and noticed that everything wasn’t alright. Don’t tell me there is another curse! Haven’t this family suffered enough? Solace’s curse is still unbroken and now there is some new misfortune! Breathe Sabrina breathe (I know I can’t really breathe. It’s just a saying now.). Your legacy will continue just fine. They have managed this far. They will figure out every other misfortune they will encounter. I just have to have faith.

Positively Late


My typical morning goes like this: If it’s a weekday then I wake up and realize that I’m already late from work. Someone could say that how that is even possible. My day starts at 10 am so it’s not particularly early. I know that. Waking up is hard for me because I’m not a morning person. Not at all. That’s probably because I play video-games very late at night. I’m a geek and proud of it. Gaming is a very big part of my job. Just like programming too. My boss isn’t exactly happy about the fact I’m always late but luckily I’m very good at my job. So he forgives me. Every time.

If it’s a free day then I sleep until midday. When I finally woke up I take it slow. I do stretching in my bed and yawn couple of times. Then I go to the kitchen and make some coffee. When coffee is ready I take a bowl of cereals and a cup of coffee with me and go to the living room. I sit on the couch and watch some cartoons from TV. I’m a little bit childish and I love cartoons. It’s a great way to start my morning. Those programs always make me smile.1So those were my typical mornings. What do I do other times of the day? I meet my friends, have club meetings with my Gamers club or hang out with my boyfriend. Of course I play and program a lot too. My work requires it, those are my hobbies and also the most important club activities we have in the Gamers.

My boss isn’t the only one who knows that I’m always late. It’s quite typical that I’m the last one to arrive to the restaurant or café where I and my friends have promised to meet. I know it’s annoying habit but when I’m playing I lose a track of time. When I glance the clock again I’m already late. One night I almost forgot to go to the nightclub we had agreed to check out. My friends were already quite drunk and they were dancing like there were no tomorrow when I finally arrived. I just chugged couple wrenches I ordered from the bartender and joined to the group dance. It was great night regardless. My friends have already got used to me being late all the time. Just like my boss has.

Along with my friends and boss, my boyfriend has to cope with my habit. It’s certain that he has to wait me in our dating place. One night we had agreed that we go to the movie together. I had just bought a new game and somehow it just sucked me in its world. Like you can guess, when I glanced a clock, I was late. So late that the movie had already started! That was awkward! When I arrived to the movie theater my boyfriend was still waiting with a big portion of popcorn and huge cokes for both of us. He wasn’t pleased at all! Luckily he still wanted to see the movie with me (it was a great movie by the way!). I apologized from him very generously when we arrived my place after the movie. Couple hours later I was completely forgiven.

Only occasions when I’m not late are our club meetings. They are held in my place so it’s near impossible to be late. We meet mostly on my free days and we hang out in my “playing cave”. It’s one separated container in my yard (my house consist of containers). We have some computers, old coin game machines and virtual gaming platforms in there. Travis, one of our club members, got those coin game machines from one old arcade place which was closing its doors. It was a real stroke of luck! We have had many great gaming accomplishments with those machines.6I’m not proud of my lateness but it’s something I can’t help. I guess I’m always going to be the last one to arrive. Maybe sometimes I’m going to be “almost in time”. But surely never “early”. I feel bad when I’m late but not too bad obviously.One morning (Yes, My morning at 12 o’clock.) I realized that I was late in a new way. “How long time ago was the last time? Can this mean what I think?” I wondered when I headed to the bathroom. I waited like forever until my test was ready. I looked at the little screen and saw the result: It was positive! The first time in my life I was really happy for being late. I know this wasn’t very carefully planned pregnancy or anything but I really want this baby. And I’m sure my boyfriend wants too. Guess what is another good thing in this? I won’t be late from work because I’m going to work from home when my pregnancy goes forward! I’m Tina Smart: happily late and pregnant!7

Author’s note: You can find the Short Story Challenges thread here. This story has 834 words and 7 pictures. The house I used is the Shipping Yard made by TheSimSupply. I renovated it a little bit to get a “game cave”. The nightclub is Under The Dome Nightclub

Chapter 31: Looking for love

When Sonya went to the Solace’s bedroom she found her ready to go to bed. “I need to talk to you sweetheart.” She said and sat next to her daughter. “I didn’t tell you everything about my hiking trip today. When I was deep in the forest I found a tunnel which led me to the Granite Fall’s Hermit’s secret area. I met him there and he told me that only those who need advices can find him.” Sonya started her telling and told everything she had discussed with the Hermit. “So when we came home I started to read the book he gave me and I finally found some answers!” She exclaimed excitedly. “What! Really? What did you found out mum?” Solace asked shocked. “The reason why those doctors couldn’t help you. Your condition isn’t medical at all. You have been cursed. I don’t know how and when but I do know how this curse can be undone.” Solace just stared at her mother her mouth wide open. Sonya decided to continue her telling. “I have to warn you that undoing it won’t be easy. The book said that you need to receive your first kiss without saying a word to your date. Luckily you don’t have a boyfriend yet so this can be done. But like I said it won’t be easy.” Sonya ended her telling and saw how her daughter started to cry. “How I’m supposed to find someone who wants to kiss me without even talking to me? With this looks it’s almost impossible already!” Solace said between her sobs. “Don’t worry my sweet little girl. Stop crying. There is someone out there who will love you no matter what. And you will find a way to communicate without words.” Sonya said while rubbing Solace’s back gently. Slowly Solace stopped crying. “I love you more than anything and I’m sure you can break this curse.” Sonya assured and stood up. “It’s time to get some sleep sweetheart.” “I love you too mum. Thank you for telling me all this.” Solace said and hugged her mother tight. “Good night mum. Tomorrow is a new day.”Picture1The next day Solace visited in Boho Yoga Studio. She wanted to relax before starting her searching. Who knows if she even would meet her future boyfriend in there? She enjoyed a hand massage and drank some juice. There weren’t any teenagers other than her so she knew she needed to start her searching from somewhere else. She kept a pep talk to herself and changed her clothes. She was quite pleased what she saw in the mirror. “I’m ready for wordless man hunting.” She assured herself.Picture2.jpgShe visited some cafés first. Many cups of coffee later she noticed that she hadn’t met any teenage boys. She hadn’t even seen any! One of the cafés was completely empty. “It’s time to change to different type of place.” She thought while sitting in the empty café.Picture3Solace’s luck wasn’t any better in the Swimming hall. There were only adults and elders. “This can’t be real.” She thought frustrated. She decided to text to J and meet him in the bar. She really needed some fun and J always made her smile. It was obvious though they were and would always be just friends. She didn’t see the way to suddenly stop talking to him after so many years. The two of them had fun playing games and drinking lemonade together. J made her forget her task for a little while.

Time passed and nothing special happened. Solace didn’t get any further with her attempts to find a right boy. She decided to wait until she is a young adult. She really needed to concentrate to school now. Sonya agreed with that.

Even though Solace didn’t have luck with her love life Sonya’s case was different. Thomas came to visit them and was going to stay two weeks. Sonya was so happy! The three of them spent time together by chatting and watching movies. Of course Sonya and Thomas spent a lot of quality time by just two of them too. They loved to go to sauna together and let things got heated. When it was Thomas’ last day with them and they were saying goodbyes in the hot tub Sonya decided to take a risk. “I love this man more than anything and he isn’t anything like Bahadur or that repairman who fathered Solace.” She thought. So when they got away from the hot tub she kneeled and asked Thomas to be her husband. Thomas said yes and they started to discuss about the wedding arrangements. They both wanted it to happen fast and in the Greece. They bought two more flying tickets. They all would be going to Greece together. They told Solace about their engagement and their plans when they all were eating supper. She was very happy for them and thought that celebrating their wedding in the Greece was perfect idea.Picture4

Picture5.jpgThe ceremony was held in the Old Greece park which Sonya had admired when they had first visited in Greece. Only guests were Solace and the Hermit. Sonya had wanted the Hermit to be there because he had helped her to find a way to cure Solace. It didn’t matter that the method hadn’t worked yet. Without him they wouldn’t even know about the curse.Picture6The ceremony was short but beautiful. After that they ate some wedding cake and swam in the pond. Then it was time to really celebrate. They headed to the Amphitheather. It was gorgeous place with great dance floor, more than one place for performers and a romantic place to spend a wedding night. The group of four danced until their feet were sore and it was time to go to bed. Sonya and her new husband spent a very passionate wedding night and they were sure there would be many happy days ahead of them.Picture7

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Summer Love


You asked me about Summer Love. Yes, I have had one. Last summer I was on the holiday with my friends. We stayed in the Makabayan Resort Hotel.

My read-haired friend Shenna introduced us. It was love at the first sight. Shenna knew that I love getting sweaty so she recommended this Simla Gym & Health Centre. There I met you. It felt like we were made to each other!15.8.2016_20.47.59After that first meeting we saw each other every day. My friends were a little bit worried. “Katie. You need to be careful. I’m worried that you are going to hurt yourself.” Liddy said one night when we were eating dinner at the Amuse Restaurant. Shenna and Tina said that they thought the same. “Don’t worry guys. I’ll be fine. I’ll keep in mind to not let this become too serious.” I assured them.15.8.2016_20.11.38Taking it slow wasn’t as easy as I thought. I was so in love and could already see how good this new acquaintance was for me. I looked so beautiful! It felt like I was glowing. It was so hard to not think about when we’ll spend time together next time. Even when I was enjoying a massage with my friends I thought about what I’m going to do with you when we meet again. I know it was too much but I couldn’t help it. I definitely wasn’t taking it slow!15.8.2016_19.41.20One night we met very late and I lost a track of time. The gym instructor had to separate us. That was quite embarrassing! Unfortunately my friends heard from that incident. “What were you thinking Katie?! You really need to slow down! It sounds like you are obsessed!” Tina yelled at me when we were hanging in the hotels pool bar. I promised to spend more time with them. That would distract me and calm my friends.21.8.2016_14.01.57I almost kept my promise. At least half of it I think. I spent more time with Shenna, Liddy and Tina. We danced in The Matrix Club, relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the heat of the hotel’s sauna. But I couldn’t stop meeting you. I’m not sure did I even really want to stop. I continued spending time with you but I didn’t tell my friends about our meetings anymore.15.8.2016_20.27.5621.8.2016_13.53.3715.8.2016_19.44.00I think you already guessed what happened next: I hurt myself. Literally. I broke my wrist. After that accident I never did boxing again. But something very sweet happened in that vacation though: I found my present husband. He had heard about my accident in the gym and was worried about me. We had met many times during my meetings with the punching bag. He had fallen in love with me while watching my training. I haven’t noticed him in that way because I was too focused to my obsession (Now I can admit it really was that). But when he came to the hospital with a flower I was sold. He was the sweetest guy which I had ever met!21.8.2016_14.52.26So I guess the lesson of this story is that nothing what happens isn’t that bad that there isn’t anything good in it. I wouldn’t have found my husband without my unlucky Summer Love.